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Inspired by a desire to sail around the world, and see the world’s last frontiers, we set off from New Zealand aboard our Dutch Schooner, Adelaar in the spring of 1993. In this year of travel, we visited some of the most remote islands of Southeast Asia. We saw vanishing cultures, heard stories of intrigue, and explored the oceans wonders…

…It was on this round the world tour, that we fell in love with Indonesia. For the next 25 years, our beautiful historic vessel, Adelaar, sailed throughout the vast Indonesian archipelago carrying adventurers and marine enthusiasts from all over the world. Our signature trips to the Komodo and Alor Archipelago are the best of the best put together from our years of experience sailing these waters…

…We welcome you to join us on Adelaar, as she sails the magnificent Indonesian archipelago. As we cross the Wallace Line, and travel eastwards, we enter some of the most culturally diverse regions of the world. Let us entice you into the underwater world, where strong currents feed a teaming marine life, amass with color.

Customised experience

Whether you are a diver, a snorkeler, a marine enthusiast or a group of friends or family, we can accommodate you. 

With a capacity of 8 guests, Adelaar operates both regular diving trips with cabin reservations & fully customised experience for private charters. Get in touch with our reservation team to plan your dream holiday with us!

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Q Seasons in Indonesia

The dry season is from March/April to November. The rainy season starts around the end of December and lasts until March. However, average rainfall in Komodo and Alor is typically much less than in Western regions of Indonesia. Diving is great all year around in Komodo. The busiest time on the dive sites is July/August.

Q Water temp & Wetsuite

Water temperatures can change from tropical warm 84°F / 29° C to a cool 74°F / 21°C. A 5 mm neoprene wet-suit or a 3 mm neoprene wet-suit plus a hooded vest are recommended.

Q Do I need a Visa?

To enter Indonesia, your passport must be valid for more than 6 months. Members of 45 countries can obtain a free 30 day“Visa on Arrival” (VOA) at the airport. If you plan to stay longer, you can purchase an extendible VOA for $35. It can give you an additional 30 days to stay. Check with your local Indonesian Embassy to see if you are eligible for Visa on Arrival.

Q Travel & Diving Insurance

Diving insurance is mandatory to dive aboard Adelaar Cruises. You’ll be asked to communicate your insurance member ID before departure. If you do not have a diving insurance yet, we can also subscribe one for you. We will do it with our partner DiveAssure, and charge you onboard. Travel insurance isn’t mandatory. However, we highly recommend it. Indeed, it will cover you for any incident (flight issue, illness etc.) resulting into a booking cancellation.

Q Immunization

What vaccines do I need to travel to Indonesia?
Please, check with your local health department. They will provide a listing of immunizations recommended for travel to Indonesia.

Q Seasickness

It happens less often than you would expect. Our captain uses his experience to plan the cruises according to the weather. You can enjoy a nice cruise without becoming seasick. However, it happens nevertheless. Motion sickness medication is always available onboard. Don’t forget to look at the horizon, it helps 😉

Q Current in Komodo Dive Sites

Indonesia is located within the coral triangle. This area offering pristine world class dive sites. Lucky you, we know them all! We strive to assure that each of your dives brings something special to remember. Our diving team customizes each trip to consider your experience level. Your journey will also be adapted to your wish list. Of course, we have to point out that big fish love big currents. So be aware that these big fish dives can be a bit intimidating to a novice diver.

Q WIFI & Electronics onboard

Electrical power is supplied at 230 Volt / 50 Hz from European style outlets. Plug adapters are available onboard. Internet is available free of charge, when in range of a signal. Audio and video on demand is streamed into each stateroom as well as the dining room.

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