How to edit your business page

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Go to Dashboard
Dashboard layout
1. Click on Listing
Click on your business name
This will take you to your page where you can start to add content 
Bottom right side of the page, click ‘Edit’
This is information the public will see
Drag the marker where you want your map to show. You can change this later if it’s not where you want it.
It can take a couple edits to get it where you want it.
This area can be used for all of the information you want people to know. 
You can add links to your own web page 
Add some information then save the page and see how it looks. You can always make changes. 
1. Highlight the text you want to make a link and click this button. 
2. Click ‘Settings’ and a window it will open, check the box that says
‘Open link in a new tab”. 
3. Click the ‘Apply’ button to save the link.

Video & Pictures

1. Add your a url link to your favorite YouTube video.
2. Pictures should be 400px in height. 
To do this in most picture editors just leave the lock on while you adjust the height and the width will automatically change to the correct size. 
*Total allowed size in gallery is 15MB.  
* You can add 40 pictures if they are optimized.  Google: free picture optimizing for some free tools to help you do this.
3. Featured Image is the picture displayed in the list with all the other businesses, size needs to be –  (372 x 240 ) 

Click ‘Update & Preview’ to see your page.

If there is an error, scroll up and look for the red outline, update that area and click the ‘Update & Preview’ button again.