Discover the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

The Caymans are a self-governing British Overseas Territory consisting of 3 small and distinct islands. The islands are the peaks of mountains of the Cayman Ridge and are surrounded by deep water. Isolated from the surrounding countries of Cuba and Jamaica, the Caymans are a true oasis in the Caribbean. Their lack of rivers leads to crystal clear water almost year round with visibility of 30 meters plus (100ft +)

Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman all offer wonderful diving opportunities for every budget. In fact, the Cayman Islands are a true oasis as the islands are so suited for diving. Dive centres, resorts, and liveaboards are all available and the diving is suitable for all levels. Never ending wall dives, purpose sunk wrecks, and colorful coral gardens are just a few of the amazing underwater attractions. With over 300 dive sites available there is always something new just around the corner.

Best Time To Go

Diving is available all year round. The busiest time is November to April with the summer months being more quiet. There is the possibility of tropical storms in August and September in the Caribbean Sea. 


Climate and Temperature

Boasting a tropical climate year round, the land temperatures average around 28 C (80 F) year round. The northern summer months of June through October experience more rainfall and therefore higher humidity.  The water temperatures average 26-28C (76 – 82F) all year round. The Caymans are within the Hurricane belt and therefore may experience large storms during Hurricane season (June to October).

Signature Sites

Bloody Bay Wall

One of the legendary sites of the world, Bloody Bay Wall is located on Little Cayman. This drop off extends more than 2000 meters (6500 ft) into the abyss. Sponges, fans, and black coral adorn the wall with a large fish population enjoying the protection of the Bloody Bay Marine Park. The wall is so long there are 15 distinct dive sites along its length.


MV Captain Keith Tibbets

Located off of Cayman Brac, this former Russian frigate was purpose sunk as a dive site in 1996. This 100 meter long wreck lies in relatively shallow water and lies in two pieces after being damaged by a hurricane. The ship is a favorite site for photographers with its beautiful lines and ample marine life such as eels, groupers, and eagle rays.


Stingray City

Although not a dive site, it’s a spot that every visitor must experience. Crowds of southern stingrays crowd into this sandy spot on Grand Cayman. Visitors simply stand in the sandy shallows while these large stingrays swim among their legs. Underwater photographers love this site as it offers the perfect under over photo opportunities with up close and personal stingrays.

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